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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Autumn Sewing Courses - NOW BOOKING!

Hello, it's me again. And today I am checking in with a short little post to let you in on a secret.

I'll be taking a break from sewing over the summer - yes you read it right. I am going to step away from my sewing machine. I know, I know. Hard to believe. But, it's not long until our holiday to Devon (wheeeeeeee!), and I don't think I can fit my sewing machine into the car, once it is full of children, buckets and spades and the gazillion other things we'll need to take on holiday.

But. Thinking ahead, I have been plotting the autumn sewing plans. Some personal projects I want to do, and also my new sewing classes. There's a few shiny new ones in there, and some old favourites are returning.

Also new this time round is that I have made the switch to online booking. No more hunting for stamps and a cheque book. You can see what's available and book from the comfort of your sofa.

Full course details are here and I'd love you to take a look if you'd like to learn to sew and live in or around the brilliant place that is Bedford (am not even going to apologise or try and hide the fact that I love my home town).

Here's a work in progress Flashback Skinny Tee (with butterfly embellishments as requested by my four year old a while ago), which is one of the new courses on offer.

And, knowing that sewing gets a little bit addictive, I am running a special offer of a free workshop place for people who decide to go ahead and do more than one course with me.

I'd love some help spreading the word about all this. If you happen to be near Bedford, please do share the links if you're on Twitter or Facebook. If you link back to me one way or another so I know you've shared, I'll add your name into a hat for a free workshop place, by way of a thank you. I'll draw this competition on 25th July.

And finally, talking of competitions... I got the biggest girl and the middle girl writing out names and pulling one out of a hat (actually, it was an empty baby milk tin, but never mind) again today. Emma Eames is the lucky winner of the Lisa Lam patterns. Please email me, Emma, with your details, and I will pass them on to the publisher for them to send your patterns out to you. Yay! Well done!


  1. How exciting - thank you so much to you, biggest & middle girl, the milk tin and of course Lisa Lam! The perfect way to get my sewing mojo back!!! :o) xXx

    1. Brilliant - glad the patterns will go to a good home! And yes, a bit `low tech' to do it the old fashioned way and pull names out, but the girls quite enjoy getting involved. Happy sewing! :)

  2. Your courses look like fun ; ) Hope you get lots of interest x

    1. Thanks, Caroline! I really love my sewing evenings - it's always fun meeting new people, and, sharing my sewing passion with them and watching it rub off as they make their first thing. Have just received my first couple of bookings - wasn't sure how the new system would work, but all seems smooth so far. :)