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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Raiding Gertie

Carrots, potatoes, and my nautical Megan Dress
I've just carried out a raid on Gertie. And it isn't even the first time this week. Today, it was potatoes. Only then I noticed we had enough carrots for a meal (probably the only occasion this will happen, I hasten to add) and so pulled those up too. And a very prickly cucumber (are they meant to look that unappetising?!) and one solitary strawberry. 

I'm enjoying Gertie a lot right now. Several times most days, I pop out the back door and take the few steps down to the vegetable patch to see what's been happening. It seems like everything is growing like mad right now. My humble little plot is a jungle. The runner beans are grabbing onto the tallest sunflower, and the tomatoes are fighting their way through the runner beans, while the peas are frantically clinging onto the tomatoes and trying to get themselves noticed. And, hidden in the middle of this crazy border are the potatoes. I really did not think things through - or expect everything to get so big - as, I must admit, squeezing in to harvest the potatoes is no easy business. I am already beginning to wonder about which bit of the garden I might be able to take over in order to have a bit more vegetable growing space next season.

Marigolds (from Gertie) and the tea cosy my friend Annabel made for me
The girls got involved last weekend, joyfully stood round a big plastic tub in the garden, scrubbing newly dug potatoes. There was mixed enthusiasm about actually eating them. Two of the three bigger ones joined in with my `Oooooh, aren't they fluffy!' enthusiastic commentary over lunch, whilst the Middle Girl remained as fussy and obstinate as ever about eating something that was not cheesy pasta.

I am pretty much clueless about what I am doing. I have a few books on growing vegetables, but I must admit that my main source of information comes via my weekly meet ups with my friend Sarah, who is my official gardening guru. This week, she reassured me that my onions were behaving normally (they had drooped) and that it was probably about time to harvest them. And so, after waiting for a couple of sunny days (as per Sarah's advice), the littlest big girl and I pulled them all up and laid them out on the ground to dry out a bit. A couple of days later, I attempted an onion plait, as a way to enable me to hang them up for storage. This was really good fun - and, resulted in a lot less squeals than I usually have to put up with when plaiting hair. I am not sure the utility area is the best long term home for the onions - there is already a faint whiff of onion about the place now - but it will do for now.

I finished my second Megan dress last weekend. There's not much to say about it that I didn't already say in the post about the first version, except that this time I went for a chunky exposed zip to complement my nautical themed choice of fabric. I like it!

I think my next Love at First Stitch make will be a Clemence Skirt - I have a couple of pieces of fabric in mind for two versions. Whether I get them made in time for my holiday is another thing. I am already accepting this is unlikely to happen, not least as I have two girls who are very keen for me to make them Happiness Halter Playsuits first...! They liked the one I made so much, that they want to all be matching. I am weak when it comes to these requests - a big part of me thinks it is lovely they want to do it, and they probably will have grown out of wanting to parade around in matching garments by next year. Oh, and I have a couple more rompers cut out and ready to be sewn for Charlotte - also before holidays. Maybe if I leave them all laid out on the table (like in the Elves and the Shoemaker) I will come down the next morning and find they've all been made?


  1. Yummy those veggies look gorgeous ; )

    1. Yay for the veggies - they were delish. Although not so impressed at all the mud that needs scrubbing off - making me realise how spoilt I am from supermarkets. 😊

  2. I love this time of year in the garden, it mkes me so full of hope and gives you that feeling you can achieve anything.

    1. Agreed! Feels quite magical to think I am now digging out potatoes from the same patch of soil I was pulling out handfuls of broken glass just four months ago. Amazing how things grow! I hope you continue to enjoy your garden, Louise. 😊

  3. If only this little elf lived nearer she would do a moonlight visit!