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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Very hungry caterpillars

Hey look! We have ourselves a whole troop of very hungry caterpillars.

I was pretty excited when I noticed them earlier today. Look at how they are all huddled up together. It's as though we've caught them mid way through a midnight feast at a great big sleepover for caterpillars.

They ate through one nice big green leaf. But they were still hungry. So they found a few more leaves and ate those, too. The Littlest Big Girl and me enjoyed charting their progress over the course of the afternoon.

The Middle Girl arrived home from school. Remember how she had high hopes the Nasturtiums would attract lots of lady birds? Caterpillars were not on her agenda, apparently.

She was furious. She turned on her wailing and gnashing of teeth act. (She is very good at doing that.)

And then, ably assisted by her big sister (who wants to be an explorer, and so doesn't mind picking up bugs), promptly saw to it that the horrible furry wriggly things were re-homed. Far away from her precious flowers, in a large plastic tub, by the compost heap.

Who knows whether there will be any caterpillars left in the tub by the morning.

No amount of talk about beautiful butterflies would convince my 6 year old to view caterpillars in a positive light. She was too cross for me to bother explaining about complementary planting. All the time those caterpillars are feasting on flowers, they are leaving the vegetables alone. Success, if you ask me. But I'll keep my opinions to myself for now.

The sunshine means we are all enjoying being in the garden. Charlotte is just about keeping her hat on. Most of the time. (Got to keep her bald little head protected.)

Reversible Hat from Oliver and S Little Things to Sew
 I really like bringing out old favourites from the pile of things that get stuck into cupboards, waiting for someone to grow into them. The hat and this skirt are two such things that were in circulation today.

Plenty of things get too stained or worn through to be handed down. But it is nice when things do survive multiple children wearing them. And look what was keeping the little monkey so happily occupied!

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