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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mustard Tonic Tee with Peter Pan Collar

Before I start, the Middle Girl has something rather exciting she thinks I should tell you about Gertie (our vegetable patch). She is happy and proud to report that, at approximately 3.45 pm today, a first flower was spotted. More to the point - a flower from a seed she had planted was the first to produce something bright and colourful to be admired (and envied) by all (well, two out of her three siblings).

Not to take away from the girl's obvious green fingered giftedness, the seeds for the flowers came from good stock - I bought them at the Crafty Bring and Buy back in November, where they had been donated as part of a beautifully packaged set of seed packets given by none other than The Guardian's Gardening Editor, Jane Perrone (who also happens to live in Bedford). Jane, if you are reading this, your seeds live on, and are provoking much joy (and a bit of jealousy).

Back to the sewing.

This is my second Tonic Tee. I love it!

I have my new in real life blogging pal Claire to thank for putting me on to both the original pattern and also pointing out the new tutorial from Christine Haynes, outlining how to add a Peter Pan Collar. You can follow the tutorial for yourselves here (you are welcome).

The sewing went smoothly until I tried attaching the collar. I seemed to have a bit too much of the yellow neckline to match up with the white collar - I can only guess this was down to the fact the yellow was stretching lots and the white (being interfaced) was not. There is the odd gather going on, being concealed by the collar - I think I have got away with it, though.

The only adjustment I would make next time round would be to lengthen the top slightly - more to hide the bulge that appears over the top of my jeans. (Makes mental note to either a) eat slightly less cake on a daily basis, or, b) buy bigger jeans.)

The Middle Girl took the pictures for me. I had to bribe her by saying she could take some pictures of her flower afterwards. Oh, and the Littlest Big Girl couldn't help muscling in on the action. That is a robot costume, in case you were wondering. She and I made it this afternoon. Unbeknown to me (but almost certainly known to her), the Middle Girl had already staked a claim on that empty baby wipes box. There were significant tears and gnashing of teeth when she got home from school. I tell you, with the skills I have built up as a mum, I could work in the peace keeping wing of the UN when I am done wiping noses and changing nappies.

And that, lovely readers, is all I have time for right now. In about half an hour, I will be welcoming a new batch of Beginners - my last sewing course before taking a break for the summer. I'd better be off. There is still some evidence of my young diners to clear up before I put the sewing machines out and get going...


  1. the tshirt is lovely! and my mum could never work.out why un talks took so long i.think its because you cant threaten to take away their barbies

  2. How did you know that I have a thing about mustard at the moment?! I love, love , love your tonic tee - the white collar is a lovely contrast. Perfect.

  3. Buy bigger jeans! The T shirt is fabulous - LOVE the colour. Congratulations on the flower to MG - I'm in awe that your veg plat has a name - and can I ask, why did you choose the name Gertie? Just curious...XX

  4. Your mustard top is just lovely. Great idea to have the contrast collar and the fit loks perfect ;)
    Gertie is looking dam fine too ; )