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Friday, 16 May 2014

The Farm Comes to School! (Elizabeth, age 4)

A farm came to my school today! What animals do you think there was at the farm?

(You have to guess...)

Was it a tiger?

Or a giraffe?

Do you think there might have been some elephants?

Or a zebra?

Mummy is wearing a top and a skirt she made.  She says they need ironing...
There were two lambs on the farm. I stroked the baby one. It was as tall as my knee. It was really soft! The lamb gave me a high five with its little heel when I was stroking it. It was like, "Get off me!" - like it had enough of me stroking it.

I drawed a picture of the horsey from the farm whilst my sisters were having their piano lessons. The horsey was called Beau and it was brown with a bit of white. It had long hair that was sticking out like Mummy's hair at the back.

I enjoyed the farm and I got a sticker from the farmer. There was a trampoline, and we all had Mini Milks too. And, do you know what Miss Cherry (my teacher) did? She slid down the slide on the bouncy castle! Me and my friends laughed so much. It was really funny!

And that's all I want to say for now.


  1. Adorable! And a very nice top too ��

  2. what a lovely and well written blog post! loving these ones from your children they never fail to make me smile!