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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Birthday! (Rachael, now age 6)

I have a rag doll and it has the same blue dungarees as me. 

This day is my birthday. We went to Pizza Hut. Grandma and Grandad came too. I like Pizza Hut because there is cheesy pasta there (my favourite food) AND an Ice Cream Factory with lots of sweets!

I was crawling around the living room to help Charlotte learn how to crawl. It didn't work.

I made a princess, a castle and a cat out of LEGO that I got for my birthday.

This is a picture of both things, and there is even a slide (which you can't see). I really like it!

Sorry, but I am tired of typing now. So, Mummy will have to type for me...

Mummy made an origami butterfly. She says she will teach me how to make my own ones.

Coming soon...

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  1. I'd love to know how to make an origami butterfly, nay buterflies.....