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Friday, 23 May 2014

Love At First Stitch Winners!

This is me in my garden. My Me Made May helpers are still enthusiastic on the photography front, but, well, with half term here (two days early, thanks to school being used as a Polling Station and an extra staff training day), they have better things to do than write a blog post. We are busy at the moment. Maybe later, Mummy, they say. They are busy playing with their friends today. We've got three extras to add to the noise levels in the garden (am hoping our neighbours are all at work and not around to enjoy the squealing excited girls soundtrack that is shattering the peace of the sunny afternoon for anyone who may be within a 100 metre radius). This is good. They are having fun - and I can continue reading and plotting out my makes whilst baby Charlotte has her sleep. 

I am ready to go with my first make from Love At First Stitch. Fabric is washed and ready. But I am waiting. I am determined to savour the new patterns in this book, and make each one last a month. And so my sewing of the Megan dress will have to wait until June. Adopting a no rushing mindset will mean I will even be spending time making a toile to get the best possible fit for my new dress (I can see myself making several of these dresses in the future, so I think this will be worthwhile).

And the sewing is going to be sociable too, as some friends are going to join me in the making fun - we've set up a Facebook group where we can share updates on how the makes are going, and arrange sewing nights. 

Onto the important task of the day, though. The book and jar of buttons that I am to be giving away. There were lots of entries - on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. A lot of you want to get your hands on Love At First Stitch, and, who can blame you. It is a great book.

Are you ready?

My little helpers enjoyed folding the pieces of paper and pulling out the winners. They were prepared to interrupt their games for thirty seconds to do that. The middle girl was excited when she spotted the winner she had pulled out shared the same name as her.

And the littlest big girl pulled out the winner for the jar of buttons.

Well done, ladies. Please email me with your details and I will get your prizes to you.

And now, I think I will put the kettle on and see if I can get away with a quiet half an hour in the front room...


  1. Ohh...got my Love at First Stitch back from my friend who was dribbling on it...Megan will be my first make, I have some large spot denim linen style fabric with a hint of stretch. Hoping I can wear it for middle daughter's graduation in July. Material is washed and ironed. My first item of sewn clothing made by me in about 20 years!

  2. Looks like Tilly's book is really good. I need to get a copy asap ; )