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Sunday, 4 May 2014

I Take Over The Blog (Again)

Mummy in her coco
Hello, its me Sophie and it is day 4 of Me Made May.Today Mummy is wearing .... get ready for it......her Sausage Dog Coco!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how impressed you all are!!!!!!!!!!! On to  the next picture is Charlotte and Mummy having a very cute cuddle together. Isn't it a lovely photo? I'm very pleased with it if I do say so myself. Charlotte has just developed a new skill of leaning in for a hug.
(Which I think is a sweet skill to learn) So she might have learnt how to squeal but she is still my favourite baby sister!
Mummy+ Charlotte

This is just a simple picture I took of some stocks we've got on our mantelpiece. They smell marvellous.

The last picture is of the new bike I got yesterday. It has got gears and is made of aluminium. I am afraid that's all I can write for now.See you soon!


  1. Love reading your entries on mummies blog girls, keep it up!

  2. Thank you, Grandma. I am really enjoying writing some blog posts! Sophie

  3. Sophie, that's one fab shiny bike. I had a white bike when I was younger then a purple sparkly one. I've had to stop riding my bike at the moment but hope to get out walking during the summer.