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Sunday, 18 May 2014

I Didn't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry!

The Bedford Free School sock monkeys that Mummy made when it opened (I like the school colours)
Hello! It's my turn ( Sophie) today and I have a very funny  story to tell! Yesterday Mummy went to London to a sewing bloggers meeting. So Daddy took us into work for a little while, because he had to meet some new students.

This is a photo of all the pictures that we have ever made for Daddy in his office. While we were in the office, we drew lots of pictures, and had a biscuit.

After that, it was time to go to our cousins' house. So we got in the car, and off we went!

I took this picture of Charlotte pretending to drive
When we got to our cousins' house, we had a big surprise. They had guinea pigs! When I was holding them both, something very funny happened. One of them did a wee wee on my skirt!!!!!

I was very surprised, and then I burst out laughing. I had been feeling very relaxed up until that point. In the end, I had to change into my cousin Ben's spare shorts. And then we had pudding (raspberry pavlova and lemon cheesecake - yummy!), and finally it was time to go home.

Greta and Lottie
I forgot to take a picture of Mummy yesterday! She was wearing a dress a bit like my school summer dresses (it had a tie at the waist) but in green flowery fabric.

All of the people going to the sewing bloggers' meeting had to wear a name badge that they had made (or someone else had). This is the one Mummy wore.

Mummy wants me to tell you that this is the fabric she bought for her Megan dress


  1. Great to meet you yesterday. I hope you found lots of nice fabric at Goldhawk Road.
    Caroline (CJ Made)

    1. Hi Caroline, Lovely to meet you, too. Oh my- Goldhawk Road was ace! Why has in taken me this long to discover it?! I have a lot of fabric to sew through (two Megan dresses, a Lilou, a Mimi blouse and the Delphine skirt) before I can gi back, as I am with you on thinking it would be impossible to go and not be tempted! X

  2. Hi Sophie,
    Please tell Mummy that it was lovely being her shopping buddy for the afternoon on Saturday and I cannot wait to see her Megan dress - it's going to look beautiful!

  3. Hello Claire! Lovely to see you pop up here, and be able to put a name to a real life face. Saturday was fun, wasn't it. Although as I have just said to Caroline, I need to not go back too often!! Looking forward to seeing your makes from your Goldhawk goodies. X