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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Love at First Stitch Competition!

Hello readers. Psst, don't tell the girls I am back on here (they are counting this as their space during Me Made May), but I couldn't resist a sneaky little post. You see, a certain book arrived in the post today. One that I have been eagerly waiting for.

I haven't had a proper chance to read it yet. I tried over lunch time (which is when it arrived), but my two (very) young dining companions just didn't get the importance of me reading about making (yet more) clothes, and kept on interrupting instead.

And now, the little angels are all in bed, I've been to my Pilates class, returned home and eaten a yummy pizza, and, now, huge box of chocolates (thanks, Steve!) and large tea at my side, I am ready to take up my position on the sofa for some reading pleasure.

Now, I have already seen the patterns that are on offer, thanks to Tilly posting some pictures of them on her blog. I know I want to make them all!

But here's the thing. Unlike the box of chocolates (which I am already a third of the way through), I want to make this book last. I have a bad habit of rushing headlong into things, and getting myself into a whirlwind of activity. A sewing treadmill, if you like, jumping from one project to the next, without pausing to catch my breath.

I want to savour these new patterns, and the possibilities they offer me in terms of my wardrobe. Heck, it would be nice to produce a set of hand made clothing that vaguely went together. The `capsule wardrobe' that Boden dangles under our noses (along with it's life is perfect and gorgeous, and I am on another sailing weekend, style photos).

So, I propose to work through this book slowly. Yes, you heard me right. I'm going to limit myself to one chapter per month. I've already made the Brigitte Scarf, as I took advantage of the tutorial for it being released early, and went ahead and made one.

At a pace of one a month, with seven chapters in the book, I will hopefully be finished by the end of this year. Only looking at one pattern a month should give me plenty of time to carefully think about each design, and how I'd like it to look and so on. And, to encourage me to think about the fabric I am buying, rather than buying on a whim and stockpiling it.

Anyone else fancy joining in?

There's a button to help yourselves to, if you should fancy one. (To be honest, I am just happy to have worked out how to do a button - thanks to Google - never mind if anyone actually takes one!)

I've got two delicious things to give away to my readers. A copy of Love at First Stitch, and, a jar of specially selected buttons. The book is a spare (I caved and subscribed to Love Sewing, and got a copy with that), and the buttons will be carefully chosen by me to (hopefully) be helpful in some of the makes from the book. I thought buttons would be a clever thing to give away, given the title of Tilly's blog, and all. (Yes, I feel clever for having thought of a jar of buttons, humour me on this one!)

To enter, just leave a comment here - or follow me on Twitter and say which prize you'd like. And, purely for my own nosiness, which of the Love at First Stitch patterns you're going to make first (I think it's going to be the Megan for me, in time for wearing on my birthday...).

Deadline to enter is a week from now - Thursday 22nd May - and I will announce the two winners here and on Twitter. Good luck!

Bye for now - I've got more chocolates to eat, and a shiny new book to enjoy.

UPDATE - Feeling very torn between the Megan and Lilou for my birthday dress. Decisions, decisions. I am having a WHOLE DAY TO MYSELF tomorrow, and heading to London to meet with some other sewing bloggers. Eek! Excited and nervous. As the day includes a trip to Goldhawk Road for fabric shopping, I'm sure I'll find something to inspire me one way or the other on the dress front.
As for the jar of buttons - I am going to take a jar with me, and buy buttons to fill it with tomorrow, too. I do love a jar of buttons...


  1. hi janet :) i would love to win the jar of buttons - one can never have too many buttons! and the first project i am making is the megan dress, hopefully in time for my sixth form leavers party :) thank you!

  2. What a fab giveaway! I love Tilly's coco pattern and the book looks amazing too!
    Ps. Your sausage dog coco is my favourite!

  3. What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win the book , i've been hinting at my other half for a while but he seems to be stuck in the notion that if I have one sewing book I don't need any more! (stupid fool) thankyou for the giveaway x

  4. I would love to win the book, and sew the Megan dress too. Looking forward to hearing from your sweet, funny girls again!

  5. THE BOOK! AUUGH! I'm in the states and can't wait for Oct when it's released here!

  6. I'd love the buttons, my book is on its way. I'm going to make the Delphine skirt first. I love your one make a month idea.

  7. Mmmm I'd love the book. I am waiting for the library copy at the moment and just so excited. Having seen Tilly's blog I really want to make the pj bottoms!

  8. Went back to Tilly's post and yep changed my mind - Megan dress first!0Have a lovely beagle cotton lawn in mind :-)

  9. Hi Janet, I only came across your blog recently, but it's lovely and very inspiring :-) I saw Tilly's book today at a friend's housr and how I would love my own copy! I'm particularly loving the Mimi blouse.
    X Sam


  10. I'd love either prize so, if I'm lucky enough to win, please may I have the prize that the other winner doesn't want?!!

  11. I'd love the book which might inspire me to start sewing again - I haven't done so for quite some time and this would be just the inspiration I need. I'd start with the mimi.

  12. Ooh, the book is a lovely prize! I'd go for comfort and the PJ bottoms!

  13. Hi Janet, I miss our weekly sewing sessions. I would love the book is on my wishlist!

  14. I don't think I got to meet you on Sat (although I do remember seeing you, and your lovely name badge!), hope you enjoyed the day :)

    I'd love to win the book - I really quite want it, but can't quite justify buying it for myself at the moment...I really love the blouse pattern, I think that would be my first make. Having said that, I'd probably be equally happy with a jar of buttons - I've always loved the idea of having a jar of buttons!

  15. I'm eyeing up the book but may have to wait til Christmas if I don't win! No idea what I'd make first, I'm still going on coco versions and my new miette skirt!

  16. Sneaking in on the deadline day, I would love to win the book. I guess I would make the pjs first but so much choice.

  17. Ooh, I do love a good competition! I like the look of the Lilou dress, v cute.