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Thursday, 8 May 2014

"A very special bike race" (Elizabeth's report)

Here we are on the hill outside Edith Cavell Lower School. I am with my mummy and sister Charlotte. We went to watch a women's bike race. The WHOLE school was there! 

It was a very fun exciting day. A special car was coming past all the whole school carrying some blue bikes.

And then a big crowd of bike riding people came super speedy like a racing car (I said that because racing cars are really fast and so were the bike riding people). Everyone was excited and cheered! Then they went to the Embankment in Bedford and that was the finish of the race.

This is a very special flag. All the children had one.

Here is my rag doll. I have taken a picture of her today because she has special ribbon in her hair. I love it.

Mummy is wearing another top that she made. 

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  1. Dear Elizabeth
    I love these posts written by you and your sisters! You are very good bloggers �� I'd love to know what pattern your mummy used for this top - she looks very nice in it.
    Lysy x