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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A catch up post from Elizabeth

The reason why we have not written on Mummy's blog for a while is that we have been very busy. We have been to lots of parties, and, organised one (which was Rachael's).

This was on Rachael's birthday. Mummy wore her stripy Coco and Brigitte Scarf (photo by Rachael)
Mummy watering Gertie (our gardening patch) and wearing her Ginger Skirt (photo by Sophie)

Mummy is holding the breakfast things. The cereal is Weetabix and Shreddies, and a carton of milk. I (Elizabeth) have Shreddies. On Mummy's Kelly Skirt there are tulips (photo by Elizabeth).
 This picture is of Swingball. I am only four, so I cannot play it. My sisters love playing Swingball. I don't, because I can't do it.

Mummy is wearing her spotty Coco Dress, and I was wearing some zebra leggings and a doggy t shirt. Today at school, I got some chalk on my leggings when I was colouring in the pavement. I used yellow, violet and pink and green and red.

Yesterday, I did a butterfly painting. The way I did it was Mummy painted my fingers, and I put my thumbs upright and held my hands together. Then I turned the paper upside down and put my hands on the paper again. I painted the body and antennae and the spots and then it was done. You have to wait overnight for it to dry. And I also painted some doll's house chairs made out of an egg box. And that is the end of what I want to say today.

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  1. Elizabeth, I'm 28 and I still can't get the hang of swingball! Shreddies are one of my favourites for breakfast. If we have them I sprinkle a handful of raisins across the top.