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Friday, 25 April 2014

You made it!

Phew. It's the weekend!

Heather's Ginger Skirt
It's back to being damp and grey out there - can someone please bring back the spring time? Here are some lovely sunny pictures of the glorious things people have been making on my courses.

This week saw the final sessions of my current courses. This is always a mixture of serious concentration as everyone attempts to get their projects finished, and, gleeful delighted faces, numbers exchanged and talk of arranging sociable sewing nights amongst the people in the group. And Smug Cake.

Oh my. The Smug Cake on Wednesday night was especially good, thanks to one lady unexpectedly bringing us some of her home made Grasshopper Brownies to enjoy. Delightful. (And cruel of me to even talk about them without offering you any, huh?) Emma, if you're reading this, my girls were very grateful for the two pieces you left behind, and now would like me to make some at home...

Lucy's Ginger Skirt
Anyhow. Where was I? Sewing Graduations. He, he. I had the pleasure of teaching four lovely ladies how to make a Ginger Skirt. This was the first time I'd run this course, and I think it'll be back before long. They all did brilliantly - opting to go for the extra challenge of adding piping as an additional detail to their skirts. I think you'll agree it was worth their efforts, non? Now I have a serious case of skirt envy going on. And, would you know it, none of them offered to make a replica version for me. They just skipped off out the door with their gorgeous new garments tucked under their arms, chatting about potential colour combinations they'd like for their next versions. Selfish, I tell you. Or pain awesome. It is great seeing other people turn into sewing bees before your eyes. (And, let's face it, it makes my fabric habit look more normal, doesn't it, if more people do it?!)

Karra's daughter Sienna in her new mummy made dress
The other courses were making the New Look 6016 for a bunch of very lucky little girls. Whilst there were no fancy piping tricks in these dresses, they did raise the bar in their own way by learning to do French seams and redesigning the pockets so that they were curvy, had contrast binding and a nice gather pleat. Way more cute than the rectangle patch pockets, dontchafink?

Jo's daughter Darcie in her new frock
Some of the ladies have been in touch to say they are already onto dress number two, which just goes to show there is no stopping you once you have a bit of confidence from success at one project. I can't wait to see what their next projects will be.

Rachel's little girl had a new dress in time for Easter Sunday
Another email came through last week from Stuart - who had been on my Complete Beginners' Course recently. He has been inundated with requests from family and friends to make more versions of the bag he completed whilst on the course with me. Yes, I do (occasionally) get guys coming to learn to sew. Wouldn't it be fabulous to do a special course tailor made for blokes, maybe to include making a tie (like on GBSB)?! If there is anyone out there reading this interested in such a thing, I would love to hear from you! Hopefully Stuart will have time to get on with his own exciting makes he has planned now he's been kind enough to make some gifts - next stop is making his own cycling kit!!
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Stuart's latest makes
I had a Saturday night in with nothing planned a couple of weeks ago - the hubby had taken the older three girls off camping, I wasted no time in getting some friends round for a sewing night.

Okay, I admit it. Although I was already veering towards this one, when the lady in John Lewis said "...and it's the same one they use for the Sewing Bee", she totally had her sale out of me!
I tested out my shiny new machine...

...we all admired Amanda's stunning bag. I think the pattern is based on a book called Granny Chic Crochet (?) in case anyone was wondering how to make their own version.

Reversible Hoodie - pattern by KitschyCoo
...and added another new project to the `to make' list when we saw the super cool hoodies Tracey had made for her son. The sharp eyed amongst you will have spotted the Colette Pattern booklet in the picture above - it's the Negroni men's shirt, and, another pattern I want to try. I think I'll just become Tracey's Sewing Stalker and make all the same patterns as she does, eh.

The Crochet Queen herself even whipped up some sparkly rings for us to wear as the evening drew to a close. Those raggedy nails would be mine, in case you were wondering.

Next week sees the start of another couple of sewing courses. This time, it's Coco. Hey, you know how I love this pattern. Both courses are fully booked, and I can't wait to get started on introducing another bunch of lovely ladies to the fun that is making your own clothes. In the interests of being fully prepared for the start of the course, and having the pattern fresh in my mind, I may have accidentally purchased some beautiful stripy fabric of my dreams for another Coco. Oops. Okay, I am sounding like a Coco addict. But please let the postman deliver it tomorrow, so I can get making before the weekend is over...

Red or green pockets with this, I wonder...?


  1. I have to have a go at that girls' dress. And I think red pockets, to go with your red shoes :-)

  2. Wow, it must feel amazing being able to share your passion and teach others. Everyone's makes look fabulous.

  3. Wow, all there makes are fabulous. Well done them and you.