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Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Vegetable Patch of Glass (aka Gertie)

I've decided that my plot outside needs a shorter title. And, for some unknown reason, is in fact female. Since `she' has had quite a facelift over recent weeks - all visible sign of broken jars and bottles having been lovingly removed, and, beauty cream applied (one tonne of top soil and ten bags of very smelly special mushroom mould manure the bloke from the nursery convinced me to buy) - I want a name that will reflect her hopeful future (which will be both pretty and fruitful) and not her sordid past.

Three sackfuls of dirty broken glass
It has been a big day for Gertie. Everyone wants a piece of her. The middle girl has bestowed upon her the precious nasturtium seedlings she has been tending to. The biggest girl has planted her lupins right in her middle. And, the littlest big girl has plans to rehouse her sunflowers with her tomorrow. I have gotten in on the act too - raspberries, sweetcorn, onions and shallots, carrots and marigolds are just the beginnings of the things Gertie has had to find room for. 

 Tomorrow, potatoes, beans and tomatoes will be added to the list, along with anything else we think of until Gertie is full. 

For some of the time while this was going on, the baby of the family sat on top of the soil (on her play mat) and watched it all happen as she banged her plastic cups together in a happy way. When she started to get bored, I stretched her out with the offer of a rusk to eat/smear over herself and her clothes. Lucky she can't crawl, or else she might have found her own snacks to eat by reaching for a worm or handful of soil.

One member of the watering team, checking her charges aren't feeling thirsty since the last time they were given water (half an hour earlier)
I'll be honest, and admit that I am not really sure what I'm doing. But it is proving to be fun. In fact, I found myself feeling unexpectedly happy during the glass removal process. And just now, I couldn't help myself in planting my first ever carrot seeds. I hope they grow!

I'll be back in a couple of weeks with an update on Gertie's progress. In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with a picture of one beautiful thing from the garden.

Pear tree blossom
Do you have a garden? And if you do, what sort of a gardener are you? If any of you happen to be secret Monty Dons and have some top tips for a novice gardener like me, I'd love to hear them.

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  1. No Monty am I I'm afraid - I have swapped curtain making with my friend Linda for her to come and sort out my garden a bit. She was happy with her curtains and I with my well stocked border! Good luck with your vegetable patch, I'm sure you will be harvesting some delicious crops before you know it. ( I quite like Monty...)