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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The fun of learning new things

As I type, the middle girl is having her first piano lesson in the room next door. With the rest of us in the front room, is the piano teacher's son, who will, for the sake of this post be called Giant Baby. He is only a couple of months older than Charlotte, and yet has about six teeth (give or take), tons of hair, can crawl and stand up, and is about twice her size. (Charlotte, if you were my first child, the presence of this little chap would be making me feel seriously insecure about your developmental milestones by now. Just saying.)

The middle girl wearing (yes you guessed it) her newly acquired mini Coco
Now, where was I? Oh yes, the fun of learning new things. Both the older two are about to start learning to play the piano (in a bid from me to stop them thumping on and ruining the one we have). They have been so excited! In fact, they were due to start lessons last week. But, due to an unfortunately timed sick bug, in which I was vomiting in one room as my hubby opened the door to the piano teacher, it got postponed until today. Incidentally, there was no "Oh, poor Mummy," type concern from my darling daughters, but more of open hostility towards me for being ill at such an inconvenient time to them. 

Jo's pocket
The fun of learning new things is not restricted to children. At my Kitchen Table Sewing lessons this week, I've had two classes learning to make dresses for little girls. We're following New Look 6016, although with a couple of pattern adjustments, such as the pleated pocket above. I know my Monday night ladies won't mind me telling you how gleeful they were that they had learned how to make sweet little pockets.

One of the things I like about sewing is that there is always something new to learn.

For me, I have had just been having my own sewing induced fun learning to make bound button holes. (I will make that vintage coat one day... this is step one in acquiring the skills I need to do it justice.) It took me three attempts to get it right - if Patrick were to look at this final one (oh, the thought of that...) he would find errors in it - but I think I have nailed the method. I just need to practise more so I can get a neater result.

I have Karen of Did You Make That? to thank for this new piece of knowledge. Until I came across her e-book, bound button holes seemed to me like some kind of magic trick only to be performed by the super elite of the sewing world. She has written totally detailed instructions, with pictures, making it all easy to follow, for the considerably reasonable price of £2 (I say this, because, as someone who spent time putting together teaching resources in my day job before children, I know how long beautifully set out and clear instructions take to write).

Hey, if you find there is not much on TV tonight, download Karen's instructions, grab a piece of scrap fabric and head towards your sewing machine, and give yourself the thrill of making your first ever bound button hole. You won't be disappointed. (Well, I am assuming my readership are into sewing as I type that last paragraph. I think my hubby would rather gouge his eyes out than spend an evening making a bound button hole.)

This little anchor scrap is going to stay on the top part of my sewing box for now, so that I can look at it, and be reminded of how good it feels to exercise my brain cells and learn something new. If only I had more of the anchor fabric - I like a jacket out of it, now I've used half of the one little scrap I had...

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