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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"R" is for Romper

Phew. Kids Clothes Week is over. Time to step away from the sewing machine.

I had a busy week, but got loads of things sewn up. Fitting it all in amongst family life meant there was no chance to look at all the gorgeous stuff other people were making though, so I'll no doubt enjoy peeking in the next few days.

I think (although may change my mind with the weather) this was my favourite make of the week. Perhaps because it was the first time I'd made baby clothes, and used this pattern, and I do love the challenge of making something new.

Or, could it be that I used the last of the two metres of super scooter fabric I'd bought from KitschyCoo. Here's a reminder of what the fabric was originally intended for...

Coco Dress
...and the other bonus item I made out of the leftovers...

Flashback Skinny Tee (into a dress)
The dress I made for the biggest girl sparked off a not inconsiderable amount of sibling jealousy, by the way. Scooters are popular around here, so it turns out. Anyhow, moving on. The romper.

Sorry to start on a low, but, it needs to be said. Putting poppers on the romper was a major PAIN, and easily took me as long to do as the entire sewing process. Picture the scene - me heaving my whole body weight down onto the pliers, hoping the plastic poppers would fuse together. By the end of the sorry process, I had got it down to a 50% success rate. There was quite a pile of duff popper halves awaiting the bin by the end. If anyone reading this has some tips on poppers, then I would love to hear from you (rather than accepting it is just me being either inept or a weakling - or both, hee, hee).

Onto the positives. I really liked the pattern. It comes from Sewing for Boys . I bought this a couple of years ago, when I was researching potential patterns to use on my sewing courses (still got a couple of spaces on the new Coco ones, by the way). There are quite a few patterns that are totally unisex, and so, in the run up to KCW, I had a flick through and came across the romper one.

 I adjusted the pattern in a few ways. I lengthened the sleeves and legs. I tweaked the instructions so that the seams were enclosed, rather than raw edges everywhere. I just thought this would look better with the printed jersey I planned on using. And then, as the romper started to come together, I decided to add cuffs. I'm really pleased with how this worked out. If anyone is interested, I'll happily post some detailed instructions on how I did this bit.

And so now, I think I have come up with something home made for the baby of the family that I want to make again so that it can be a regular feature of her day to day clothing. I like babies in clothes like this. Dresses are cute (and don't have stooopid poppers, and so less effort I now realise), but rompers are more comfortable and practical for a baby who is on the brink of moving about the place (although it would be so much more convenient for me if she held off doing that for another year or so until she has better listening skills and can understand basic principles such as don't wash your hands in the toilet basin, and so on).

Those who know me in real life, might have picked up on the hubby's teasing about Charlotte being behind Prince George on the developmental stakes. He was born a week or so after her. I am open minded about her marrying someone slightly younger, so if his parents are reading this, then how about an old fashioned betrothal, no? Any way, despite this fact, last week, whilst on his first official engagement at a play group (love that, by the way), he was observed crawling and cruising. Needless to say, our backward baby can do neither of these things yet.

Charlotte at nine months
But, she can clap! And she got her first tooth last week. Oh, and is extremely beautiful and adorable in every way. So all is not lost. The girl deserves a home made romper to smear rusks all over.


  1. Fabulous romper, I love the Sewing for Boys book it's full of gems. You've been lucky to get so many star pieces out of one fabric. Just to let you know I've nominated you for a liebster award the details are over on my blog http://seamsoddlouise.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/award-time.html louise

    1. Thanks for the nomination! And yes, the book has a good few decent patterns I still haven't tried and wild like to.

  2. I'll have to look at the sewing for boys book. Is it any goof for ages 3 up? Charlotte looks a picture, what a sweetie!

    1. Yes, I think so. The patterns go up to age 7, and the ones I have tried for my older girls have been good. I'd almost recommend buying the book just for the Treasure Pocket Pants alone...

  3. Your littlest one is gorgeous!! What a sweet little outfit - hope she appreciates the poppers :)

    1. Ha, ha. Her big sisters certainly now know that poppers are not the most convenient things to fit (having seen me struggling).