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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kids' Clothes Week

Hello again. I hope you've had a good weekend.

I'm lying on the sofa, feeling rather full after one too many Yorkshire puddings with my Sunday night roast, and pondering the fact Kids' Clothes Week is about to begin.

The basic idea is you commit to spend an hour a day towards sewing up some clothes for your kids, and enjoy having an admiring/nosy look at what other mums are sewing for their offspring. This is something I've taken part in a couple of times before, although not for a year or so.

It's mainly the biggest girl and the baby who need clothes. The other two have recently had things handed down to them (the benefits of having all girls) and their drawers are now full to bursting.

The biggest girl (correctly) informs me she only possesses one short sleeved t shirt, so I'll be making her some of those. I've just ordered some plain cotton interlock from here for these. Readers, you have my word that I am going resist all temptation to pimp up the makes. The brief is to stick to basic t shirts with no fancy business whatsoever. Easier to make, and they will go with everything and restrict the amount of crazy clashing combinations of clothes that get worn out in public. Don't get me wrong - it's not that I am aiming for my children to look all catalogue like with perfect coordinating outfits. Just not looking like they have pulled things from a jumble pile would be nice.

So, t shirts. And, to go with the t shirts, the girl needs a couple of pairs of shorts, too. These I will allow some embellishments, and will be guided by the girl as to what they should be. And possibly some leggings. All good, practical things for going to the park and climbing trees in. Depending on how the t shirts go, I may try a simple jersey dress - using the same pattern, just extending it down a bit.

The baby has a few handed down things (including a couple of me made printed cotton dresses I am looking forward to putting her in) ready to go for the summer, but needs some new clothes. Not that much has survived her three big sisters! So, with this in mind, I have just ordered some pliers for putting poppers into clothes. Yes, I am feeling brave - there might be a home made romper suit or two. We'll see. Now that she is getting to an age where she is in one size for longer, there seems a bit more point in trying to make her a few things. And I have the fun of a new sewing gadget to look forward to.

So, that's the ambitious list for home made clothes for my girls. I am not intending to make all of the above in the next week (particularly as free time is in short supply now the school holidays have started and I am busy teaching my courses in the evenings), but it'll be a nice kick start.

At the time of typing, I have some intentions of getting up early and doing my hour before the rest of the house wakes. I know myself well enough that this is a bold statement I will laugh at in a week from now. To maximise sewing time, this will be my last post until next weekend - I'll be tracking my progress on Twitter, and would love some tweets from you with pictures of your own makes, if you're doing KCW too.

To kick start things, here's a couple of dresses I made a week or so ago - part in preparation for teaching a course on them, and part because they remain the biggest girl's pattern of choice for dresses. It's the trusty New Look 6016, just adjusted to make room for a seven year old. Isn't the fabric ace? I got it from Fabric Rehab, although my local shop (Fabric World, by the bus station, for the benefit of Bedford readers) sells it too.


  1. Yay, I'm doing KCW too. Blogged about my plans and they might well include some of that camper van fabric :-). http://itsarowberrylife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/kids-clothes-week-and-calling-all-kids.html

  2. I hear you with not wanting your kids to look like they are wearing jumble clothes. Mine somehow always manage to look like WW2 evacuees if the choose there own clothes combination!