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Friday, 18 April 2014

I've had enough of sewing!

Words you thought you wouldn't read here, eh?

But, I think I over did it last week. I crammed in more sewing than ever before - one sewing night with friends, 3 evening classes and a total 11 garments for my children - and now, I don't want to sew for a bit. I can't even bring myself to talk about what I've done, which is rare.

I've been doing other things. Like scrubbing. Lots of it, in fact. I even had sores on my hands from the scrubbing brush. But the ageing decking will hopefully last a few more years, now I've cleaned it and slapped oil all over it.

What else have I done? Well, I have painted the back gates `Bluebell'. It was only once I'd committed to the colour by covering the gates in a coat (and several splodges all over the ground) that I started to doubt whether I liked the colour.

And I have tinkered around the edges of the front garden, before deciding the soil was a bit too hard to dig and there were too many leftover half hacked back sorry looking things from other people's gardening attempts before us that I didn't know what to do with. So I gave up. But the bluebells look lovely.

We've been adding things to Gertie. In fact, yesterday, instigated by me, the girls worked collectively on an art installation to brighten her up, whist waiting for her natural beauty to appear. I am hoping this will happen, although there has been a disappointing lack of anything springing into life as yet.

And now, with the start of the long weekend, I am looking forward to more family lazing around together time. Shortly, we are going to do some baking. Hot cross buns and a Malteser cake are on the list. The hubby is out getting supplies as I type. Let the over eating begin!


  1. Enjoy your little break from sewing and enjoy the spring sunshine in your garden.

    1. Thanks! The 'break' from sewing didn't last long-tried finishing some (!) dresses yesterday... Ha. But more of a stop start affair as had stupidly begun the three at once. Would not recommend churning out something factory style in a trio - not good for boredom factor, and seems to take forever to have anything finished! Will I ever learn...